Death & Taxes is an adventure for 4-7 players using characters level 4-6. It is a stand-alone follow-up to our first project Whisper & Venom. Delivered on time with all the promised components after its own successful Kickstarter project in 2013. It will include poster maps, miniatures (potentially one for every encounter) and more gaming accessories. Although designed for classic rules, the ultimate goal is to create total conversions of the game for popular modern systems while retaining old-school sensibilities.  We did this last time very successfully with a well-received Pathfinder conversion.

Wunderverse is an exciting new way to create and share adventures with your friends! It combines the best of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style storytelling with all the imagination and flexibility of Game Master world-building fun into one simple iPad app.

Create tales of exotic places to visit, strange characters and objects to discover, and great mysteries to solve. Then share those adventures with your friends with a few simple taps for them to explore as the characters in your stories!

Check it out! It’s great fun.

Earthdawn RPG fantasy miniatures

The Earthdawn RPG mixes the familiar with the exotic; dwarves, elves, and humans mingle with the lizard-like t’skrang, the earth-skinned obsidimen, and the small, flighty windlings. This KickStarter will bring all of these varied races along with unique monsters for them to face to improve your experience playing the RPG. Since several of the races in Earthdawn are unique in fantasy RPGs, this project will be an opportunity to have miniatures cast that match better with your characters while playing Earthdawn.

The miniatures are 28mm scale and are all aimed to be very affordable on the gamer budget with costs of $2.33 USDto $5 USD each.

You may already know that Steamscapes is a Savage Worlds setting of gunslingers and gearsmiths, of anti-technology saboteurs and electricity gone wild. But that’s not all you can find in the Steamscapes world. Soon, you will know it as a world of elephant cavalry, Japanese automaton infantry, and powerful Chinese dragon airships. Welcome to Steamscapes: Asia!
If you haven’t looked at Steamscapes before, this is a great opportunity to see what you’re missing! Check out the Cog ($5) and Gear Train ($10) backer levels and find out how you can both support our new project and also buy our existing books at substantial discounts!

Other World Mapper is a fantasy map design software that allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive GUI and specialized tools.

Children are the most creative of people.  Many inventions like earmuffs, crayon holders, and underwater talking devices have been created by children.  Unfortunately, in the creative world of tabletop RPG gaming, the writers of the rules make the game inaccessible to many.  The language in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook is written at 1300L, similar to first year college textbooks according to the Lexile Framework for Reading.  Atlas Kings will make OGL-style rules more accessible to kids both in the language used and the simplification of the rules set.

Lost cities, demonic cults, and a wealth of new character options—from werelions to jinnborn heroes, from black lotus magic to the City of Cats. The Southlands brings backers rich flavor, playtested adventure, and a heavily playtested Bestiary stuffed with creatures written by Paizo staff, professional freelancers, and project backers.

Join the tradition of Conan, Aladdin, and Sindbad, and bring a touch of wild adventure into your Pathfinder campaign!

Join API and defend the world from annihilation between coffee breaks. Includes updated rules and more demons for DGS and Savage Worlds.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition is looking for a few good agents to help save the world from a Kickstarter apocalypse. 

In this game you’ll play as agents of a shadow corporation whose job is to save the world from all manner of demonic threats… and keep a close eye on the company’s bottom line while doing it.

Draconic Magazine presents an O5R adventure for novice PCs entangled in a high-profile murder during the festival of masks.  The fate of Torth (new shared setting for organized play) is at stake.  Sandbox, urban adventure, dark, Conan-esque sword & sorcery, with just a hint of scifi!

Chill is a horror roleplaying game in which the characters belong to a secret organization called SAVE - Societas Argenti Viae Eternitata, the Eternal Society of the Silver Way. This organization is dedicated to protecting humanity from the Unknown - the forces of the supernatural, the monsters, ghosts, and creatures from beyond human understanding. Its weapons against the Unknown? Knowledge, bravery, skill, the resources of its members, and the Art - the strange, quasi-psychic powers that SAVE has codified and studied over the years.

Karthun needs heroes

Karthun is a system-neutral setting for your campaign. Any system. Any table. All Karthun. It needs adventurers to walk its lands and explore its dungeons. It begs for discovery. Karthun is a world torn nearly apart by ageless conflict, where men and gods wage wars that tear across lands and skies. Adventure waits in forest, desert and tomb alike, with ancient artifacts waiting for rediscovery, provided perilous traps can be braved.`

Worldspinner makes it easy to create your own richly detailed fantasy world in minutes, including continents, mountain ranges, cultures, kingdoms, cities, and more. Then, delve as deeply as you like into customizing your world. You can create beautiful maps without spending hours with paint tools, and without needing to be an artist. 

Dragonwars of Trayth is an adventure campaign designed to take characters from 1st-30th level. We plan to publish the first six modules and core book, with stretch goals of creating all 25 modules and four core books in the campaign. The modules will be available in two print versions, Pathfinder or OSRIC compatible. The core books will have a wealth of lore and history which can be applied to any sandbox style campaign or rules system.

Explore an epic fantasy world with all of its dangers and splendors. Solve riddles, slay monsters and face many challenges.  Live the adventure and become part of the legend.

Dragonwars of Trayth

Five Moons is a fantasy RPG designed by Sean K Reynolds. Its play style will be familiar to fans of D&D and the Pathfinder RPG, but colored by Sean’s experiences in the tabletop, card, and video game industry. This is a game that mixes old-school simplicity with the customizability of a modern RPG.

With Five Moons RPG, you can play a character that’s fun and successful without having to focus on combat math. You can choose skills that make your character well-rounded—without making you vulnerable. You can wear magic items that are fun and flavorful instead of just being a source of plusses. You can defeat opponents using diplomacy or intimidation, and not just with one all-or-nothing roll.

Five Moons RPG cover sketch

HC SVNT DRACONES is an exciting new post-humanity tabletop role playing game. Players take the personage of a Vector, a new species created near the end of human civilization that witnessed the demise of their fore-bearers and has struggled through 700 years of slow growth devoid of personal history to etch out a new existence for themselves in the galaxy. Ships, gene-splicing, implants and esoteric horror mix with environments ranging from urban cities a mile high to twisted forests grown from terraforming mishaps in this wholly new and original system.