Designers & Dragons is a four volume book series of RPG industry awesomeness, meticulously researched and prettily packaged. Author Shannon Appelcline guides you company by company through the history of tabletop starting in the 1970s all the way up to present day. This series is chock full of fascinating insider tidbits, company profiles, and yes—enough drama to fuel a hundred campaigns.

Evil Hat Productions is incredibly proud to produce this updated edition of Designers & Dragons. You may remember the first edition that came out from the lovely people at Mongoose Publishing—we’d wanted to publish it then, but missed the chance! So we leapt at the opportunity to take it on once their one-volume version went out of print. 

Even if you own the big black book (aka, the first edition), there’s still plenty of new material in this second edition—over 50,000 new words in the first volume alone. Our edition is fully expanded and extensively updated, a multi-volume set that won’t break your back, illustrated with pretty pictures of the games you remember fondly. RPG WIN! Bathroom reading victory! 

d20Pro is a powerful, proven application for augmenting your tabletop role-playing games around the dinner table or online around the world. As one of the pioneering virtual tabletops, d20Pro is enjoyed by gamers worldwide. Now is your opportunity to participate in a grand mission to remake d20Pro as d20Pro Unlimited!   

Direbadger recently launched their Kickstarter providing wooden lasercut roleplay terrain. They aim to create a more immersive physical 3D terrain to go with Tabletop Roleplaying games. The terrain is expandable and adjustable to go with most encounters.

The system provides an easy way to change the settings in a short time. Baseplates are grid based with holes to slot in the various buildings, accessories and the dungeon walls.

Everything slides together without the use of glue and is still just as strong.

Direbadger Small Dungeon

Direbadger Large Settlement

The critically-acclaimed graphic novel series continues with Book 2 and now the RPG sourcebook!  A supernatural campaign set in the frontier of 1857, the Pariah Sourcebook has all the information and background to plug and play into many of the popular RPG systems.  Includes all the characters from the series as well as many campaigns.

A simple to use universal deck of dungeon building cards for all fantasy role-playing games. 54 cards. 108 rooms and corridors. Descriptors on each card lets GMs and players quickly build and describe dungeons! A little deck to build a whole lot of dungeon!

Your PCs stand between four factions seeking the Book of Terniel. Will they choose a side or claim it for themselves! 

The Book of Terniel follows your PCs as they seek to recover a stolen artifact. This adventure includes 3 acts and lots of dungeon crawling, exploration and roleplaying. I hope you’ll give it a look and support us!

Better Angels is a tabletop roleplaying game where you play a supervillain who got powers from being possessed by a demon — and you play the demon who’s possessing the supervillain of the player to your right. No Soul Left Behind is the first campaign for the system. The book features ten adventures covering an action-packed (and demon-packed) year at a charter school in a troubled neighborhood. The player characters start off as ordinary teachers or students just trying to get by. When things go really wrong for the previous batch of supervillains, these non-villainous normals inherit their demons.

Time for a thought exercise. Let’s say you’re a more-or-less good sort who suddenly has superpowers — and you have a demon that constantly demands ridiculous acts of crime. What do you do? How about you commit those over-the-top superpowered crimes — and you try to save the world along the way. Or at least the city. Or maybe just the school. I mean, you do what you can, right? 

Sure, playing cards are not RPGs - but if you’re playing Deadlands, or any other Savage Worlds game, you’ll need cards anyway. And if you are playing Deadlands, this deck is perfect. It’s a deck of cards based on the Old West. And dead people. But mostly the Old West.

Rhune: Dawn of Twilight is a Pathfinder RPG compatible campaign setting whose themes are what we affectionately call “stormpunk.” A dark, future-fantasy setting, PCs will learn about the planar convergence - the intertwining of worlds - that leads up to what everyone has come to inevitably embrace as Ragnarök. The setting is designed for use with the Pathfinder RPG, but could easily be used with any D20/3.5 mechanics.

"Betrayed by your creators, you are a genetically engineered remnant emerging from the ruin of genocidal war…" sets the scene as players emerge from 100 years of brutal tribalism & savagery after a terrible war and are just now returning to space.
Fragged Empire follows four non-human races as they seek to build a new society after barely surviving a genocidal war. As an example one of the playable races (the “Nephilim”) are the descendants of the genetically engineered army that all but wiped out civilisation.
Wade has been working on Fragged Empire for the last four years with the goal of creating a stylish and exciting sci-fi tabletop game with his excellent eye for design.
 I really want the art in my book to show 2 things. Firstly, it needs to convey the tone of the setting; beautiful, modern, detailed, subtle depth, but vibrant & fun. That mix of energy & grit. Secondly, it needs to convey the passionate craftsmanship that has gone into this book." - Wade

The Lost Dungeons of Xon is a series of interactive Pathfinder compatible e-Modules designed to use Dwarven Forge’s Game Tiles and Reaper’s Bones miniatures. The initial series of three modules, which is designed to take a starting party from 1st-level to 6th-level, can be used in any campaign world and will be released as interactive PDFs. The modules will have several state-of-the-art features, including embedded professionally-narrated audio, “pop-up” stat blocks, clickable links to the official Pathfinder PRD, direct navigation to room and encounter descriptions from an overview map, and more. Each module will also include a companion digital player’s guide with “unlockable content” that the GM can give the players access to at the appropriate time.

Burning Yeti Studios is a group of highly experienced gamers and creative professionals with a proven record in the gaming and publishing industries. Our team of industry professionals includes a three-time successful Kickstarter, a former game store owner, and two former editors from the monthly magazine InQuest Gamer.

A Land of Narrow Paths is a project dedicated to bringing Edo period Japan to life. While technically an art project, the artists involved with the project have gaming backgrounds, and are very much marketing their products as supplements for Japan-themed roleplaying games and likeminded Japanophiles.

This Kickstarter is developing comprehensive, illustrative maps of the time period, as well as an accompanying booklet detailing the time period. Use the booklet as a setting guide, and the map as a beautiful reference for your players.

A Land of Narrow Paths has also unlocked a stretch goal that allows backers to pledge for a deck of cards featuring Japanese monsters drawn with sumi ink — another great supplement for Japan-themed roleplaying.

Overall, a Kickstarter featuring high-quality, professional products designed to immerse backers in the time period.

a closeup of Mt. Fuji and its surroundings. The final map will include more locations and labels hand-calligraphed with sumi ink.