The Fen of the Five-Fold Maw is an 80+ page action adventure for 7th level characters told in the style of early RPG adventures which we are well-known for.  It’s an old-school style romp using the Pathfinder rules to their fullest to make a very challenging and fun swamp-themed adventure.

The PCs will work to save the small village of Wyverglynn from defeat at the hands of a vicious tribe of lizardmen living in the Sorrowfen Swamp.  These fanatical lizardmen venerate a dreadful hydra known as the Five-Fold Maw, a wicked creature that lives within the depths of the swamp.

The PCs will travel across roads of giant lily pads built upon the water, brave the hazards of the swamp itself, battle ferocious lizardmen and other dangerous denizens of the swamps, search for lost magics and much more in this dangerous and thrilling TPK Games adventure.

As part of the thrilling conclusion to the Fen, you’ll even get to use a custom deck of swamp-themed chase cards that are included with the adventure!

This adventure features the amazing artwork of Jeff Easley, Terry Pavlet, Jacob Blackmon, Daniel Kamarudin and cartographer Erik Frankhouse.

Get ready to fail your Will save!  Click here to check it out!

Impact! Miniatures is working directly with Kevin Bledsoe to relaunch 41 miniatures from the ZN Games miniatures line originally founded by Kevin’s son, Chris Bledsoe. 6mm scale Steampunk Airships as well as 28mm Fantasy miniatures are included in the Kickstarter campaign running during September.

Chris Bledsoe helped create rules for Warzone, Chronopia, Mutant Chronicles, and Crucible. He had key roles at both Heartbreaker and Ral Partha. In late 2001, he opened ZN Games to pursue starting his personal dream of creating his own miniatures and games. However just as he could get started, Chris passed away from cancer in fall of 2002.

In addition to the miniatures relaunch, Impact! will place 10% of all sales of the ZN Games miniatures line after the KickStarter into a Pay It Forward memorial fund in Chris Bledsoe’s name that will help back small miniature KickStarters in the future to help those projects succeed with their dreams.

Do you like dinosaurs? Cyborgs? How about cyborg dinosaurs? Knights and wizards dueling pirates on an airship?

Then Sneak Attack Press has got the setting for you. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Kronocalypse, a time-travel mash-up setting. In it cavemen, wizards, sky pirates, and cyborgs unite to defeat an evil that threatens time itself.

Designers & Dragons is a four volume book series of RPG industry awesomeness, meticulously researched and prettily packaged. Author Shannon Appelcline guides you company by company through the history of tabletop starting in the 1970s all the way up to present day. This series is chock full of fascinating insider tidbits, company profiles, and yes—enough drama to fuel a hundred campaigns.

Evil Hat Productions is incredibly proud to produce this updated edition of Designers & Dragons. You may remember the first edition that came out from the lovely people at Mongoose Publishing—we’d wanted to publish it then, but missed the chance! So we leapt at the opportunity to take it on once their one-volume version went out of print. 

Even if you own the big black book (aka, the first edition), there’s still plenty of new material in this second edition—over 50,000 new words in the first volume alone. Our edition is fully expanded and extensively updated, a multi-volume set that won’t break your back, illustrated with pretty pictures of the games you remember fondly. RPG WIN! Bathroom reading victory! 

d20Pro is a powerful, proven application for augmenting your tabletop role-playing games around the dinner table or online around the world. As one of the pioneering virtual tabletops, d20Pro is enjoyed by gamers worldwide. Now is your opportunity to participate in a grand mission to remake d20Pro as d20Pro Unlimited!   

Direbadger recently launched their Kickstarter providing wooden lasercut roleplay terrain. They aim to create a more immersive physical 3D terrain to go with Tabletop Roleplaying games. The terrain is expandable and adjustable to go with most encounters.

The system provides an easy way to change the settings in a short time. Baseplates are grid based with holes to slot in the various buildings, accessories and the dungeon walls.

Everything slides together without the use of glue and is still just as strong.

Direbadger Small Dungeon

Direbadger Large Settlement

The critically-acclaimed graphic novel series continues with Book 2 and now the RPG sourcebook!  A supernatural campaign set in the frontier of 1857, the Pariah Sourcebook has all the information and background to plug and play into many of the popular RPG systems.  Includes all the characters from the series as well as many campaigns.

A simple to use universal deck of dungeon building cards for all fantasy role-playing games. 54 cards. 108 rooms and corridors. Descriptors on each card lets GMs and players quickly build and describe dungeons! A little deck to build a whole lot of dungeon!

Your PCs stand between four factions seeking the Book of Terniel. Will they choose a side or claim it for themselves! 

The Book of Terniel follows your PCs as they seek to recover a stolen artifact. This adventure includes 3 acts and lots of dungeon crawling, exploration and roleplaying. I hope you’ll give it a look and support us!

Better Angels is a tabletop roleplaying game where you play a supervillain who got powers from being possessed by a demon — and you play the demon who’s possessing the supervillain of the player to your right. No Soul Left Behind is the first campaign for the system. The book features ten adventures covering an action-packed (and demon-packed) year at a charter school in a troubled neighborhood. The player characters start off as ordinary teachers or students just trying to get by. When things go really wrong for the previous batch of supervillains, these non-villainous normals inherit their demons.

Time for a thought exercise. Let’s say you’re a more-or-less good sort who suddenly has superpowers — and you have a demon that constantly demands ridiculous acts of crime. What do you do? How about you commit those over-the-top superpowered crimes — and you try to save the world along the way. Or at least the city. Or maybe just the school. I mean, you do what you can, right? 

Sure, playing cards are not RPGs - but if you’re playing Deadlands, or any other Savage Worlds game, you’ll need cards anyway. And if you are playing Deadlands, this deck is perfect. It’s a deck of cards based on the Old West. And dead people. But mostly the Old West.